Toys to Iraq: Still accepting toys and stuffed animals!

Edmay Mayers is coming home after a long tour in Iraq with the US Army Corps of Engineers. But two of her comrades have agreed to take over her "duties" as volunteer distributors of toys to Iraqi children there. Michael is a geologist from Buffalo, NY and a 20 year veteran of the Corps. Natalie is an archaeologist from Montana, who also worked to help people in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I've heard from them both, and they are ready and excited to continue Edmay's work. So keep those gently-used toys coming, and keep spreading the word!

For the latest information about how to send toys to Iraq, please see the original post.

Another option Edmay suggested: Beanies for Baghdad. Donna Ward of Beanies for Baghdad has invited anyone to send donations to her organization as well, and to contact her with any questions ( Donna left a comment with more details here.


  1. m says

    Has anyone already sent a box? Approximately how much did it cost to mail and approximately how heavy was it?


  2. Stu Mark says

    Listen, I really hesitated saying this, and the folks who know me know that I’m an extreme child advocate, so I’m not ragging on this “send a stuff to Iraq” hack. But after reading the horrifying story of 5 year-old Youssif, who was set on fire by extremists in Baghdad, I want us, more than ever, to get the hell out of there. We should still send aid to the kids, food, books, toys, stuffies – but we have to pull our troops out of there. War is not the answer. It just makes things worse. Send teachers, not troops. Build schools, don’t bomb them.

    (Stu steps down from soapbox and exits, stage left)

  3. Jill in Atlanta says

    I agree Stu….

    But meanwhile, clean up those stuffed animals and send them on. Did you know that 5 hours in the freezer is as good as putting stuffed animals in the laundry? For those “surface washable only” items (which I toss in the washer anyway usually) you might want to try freezing them instead.

  4. Abel says

    Well said, Stu. War is not the solution and the ones who suffer the most is the innocence.

    Of course, I will still spread the word out about the toys. I hope you don’t mind I quote your post, Asha.

  5. Sophie says

    I agree with Stu and more importantly so does my nephew who returned last year. He says he is shocked at how MSM is shielding Americans from the reality of how horrible day-to-day life is over there for Iraqis citizens and for the troops. He says what Iraq needs is not a troop surge but a Marshall Plan.

    He also says he wishes 2 or 3 of the corrupt American contractors and the politicians who are pouring our tax dollars into their pockets could be lined up against the wall and shot as a warning to the rest to shape up.

  6. Mary says

    YEAH!! I am THRILLED to have a great cause to send my overwhelming load of stuffed animals! I first took a load to the shelter only to find out AFTER that they can’t take them and threw them in the trash!!

    Look for my box it will be there soon!

  7. Kim says

    So glad to hear this, I’d read the program stopped. I sent a box early in 2007 (or late in 2006?) and have another load ready to go.

  8. Edmay says

    Hi everyone,

    So nice to see all are still willing to help these innocent children. Yes, war is hell but war will always be so we must do what we can – that would be to help the children. I just wanted to thank each and everyone of you again for opening up your hearts and being so generous to this young ones. They are wonderful children, very loving and sweet. They love the toys so thank you from the bottom of my heart and God bless everyone of you. /Edmay