“This Little Piggy,” the extended version

Duane's kids get extra tickle time with a song that never gets old (for them, at least):

You know, "this little piggy went to market" gets to be a pretty boring game for everybody but the baby.  Wanna bet?  My two older girls are 3 and 5, and I can still get them going with an epic This Little Piggy storyline. I just randomly make up the verses to go with it, and throw in the whole "weeweewee all the way home" tickling part randomly on each toe.  For instance, "This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef.  And do you know where he got the roast beef?  In the refrigerator.  And where was the refrigerator?  In the kitchen.  And where was the kitchen?  At HOME!" (tickletickletickle)  You get the idea.  Instantly the game is 10x as long and can actually be an entertaining tickling diversion for the older kids, too.


  1. Jill in Atlanta says

    I’m always bothered by a piggy eating beef, so the meal varies, but our piggies usually eat pizza instead. (That would be cheese pizza without any pepperoni, or God forbid, ham!)

  2. Sara in Austin says

    We do epic “Momma’s gonna buy you a…” songs, mainly because we don’t remember the correct lyrics. Good for infants, not so interesting for older kids.

  3. margaret says

    When my daughter was two or three, she used to love to sing: “Who let the dogs out? Woof! Woof!” We turned that into an updated Old McDonald song:

    “Who let the chickens out? Cluck! Cluck! Who let the cows out? Moo! Moo!–and so on….

  4. Susan says

    Cora Sophie’s favorite “little piggy” poem: “This little piggy’s getting sleepy, this little piggy is rubbing his eyes, this little piggy is yawning, this little piggy is whining, and this little piggy is going suck, suck, suck on his pacifier”–If you can hold on to her, two or three rounds of that and she’s out like a light.

  5. wdskmom says

    I’ve discovered that my 2 yr old’s favourite songs are the ones that I make up entirely myself. The sillier the better & the best are the ones that talk about him & his life.

  6. Dan Yocum says

    We had the same issue with pig eating cow, so pizza it is (and if you pucker your lips and blow in their faces on the “P” they get an extra giggle). Also, our little piggies go around the world: “This little piggie went to Roma. This little piggie went to Moskva…” etc.