Stash extra pacifiers in crib corners

Kurt's hack brought back memories — we did just this when our son was a baby:

If your child sleeps with a pacifier she probably also wakes up from time to time crying because the pacifier is no longer in her mouth and she can’t find it (or isn’t looking). Out of bed you get to check on her. No matter how good your night vision is it can be difficult to locate the missing pacifier. Is it under the blanket? Behind Elmo?

Try placing your extra pacifiers in the corners of the crib before bedtime. If you can’t immediately locate the one she fell to sleep with, just reach for a corner and grab a replacement. Unless your child is really attached to a particular pacifier she won’t care that it’s not the same one she fell asleep with.


  1. Kristine says

    Wonderful hack… this works especially well for when they master putting the pacifier back in their mouth. At one point, we had 5 pacifiers scattered in my son’s crib, and it was the start of him sleeping through the night. Wonderful, wonderful.

  2. none says

    Dear people, have you seen the pacifier leashes? They clip to the sweet angel’s PJs and then the kid can find their very own sucker in the middle of the night. They’re short leashes (no strangling the baby) and super handy. We dig them.

  3. michelle says

    Too many nights trying to reach the invisible nuk under the crib!
    We also stash pacifiers all over the crib. We also keep one in reserve as a last resort up on the dresser. Oh, and one in each car, and one on my nightstand, . . .

    Side note: The pacifiers we use (soothie) do not work with the leashes & the leashes made for them are not conducive to sleeping – too big and bulky.

  4. none says

    mmm… right. The Soothie leashes are in fact not excellent, though they are cute. We switched suckers for that very reason. It was well worth the investment to purchase one that worked with a leash.

  5. LisaS says

    we did leashes, but not overnight … just seemed like a bad idea to me. so, we kept extras in the crib as well as in the silverware drawer and everywhere else imaginable … it’s amazing how quickly the baby learns when to reach for that extra paci!

  6. katie Hodge says

    We received flowers when the baby was born in what looks now like a glorified pencil holder – wooden with a picture frame. Extra pacifiers go there, so you know where to find one in the middle of the night. The pay off – is that as a climber he went into the “big boy bed” at about 18 months. Going on two he still uses the pacifier for sleeping (I’m not brave enough to try to wean him off, as our household goes through ancillary chaos for the last few months). Before, pacifiers were for the crib and he would put them back in himself, since sometime after a year. Or sometimes he’d put them in the bucket. Now, he knows to put them in the bucket. Of course, now going on two he also knows they’re in the bucket and asks for them even when he knows it’s not time, but what can you do….

  7. Abel says

    My two kids don’t use pacifiers. I believe the best is NOT to give babies pacifiers (for hygenic and other reasons). It might be tougher but we can always pacify them in other ways to cut down the reliance on pacifiers. It works for us though.

  8. Larry says

    That is helpful. It’s even great if don’t with other important things which we often forget. It’s better to be prepared for those times.

  9. Brian says

    My wife and I have our two-year-old son just using his pacifier during naps and at bedtime. We put his pacifier on top of the bottom window sill in his room so we know where it is. He’s even gotten to the point where when he gets out of bed, he hands my wife or me the pacifier, points at the window, and says “there you go!”.

  10. regina says

    we put ours in a bottle top in the corner of the crib- i started doing it as soon as we got home from the hospital never thinking it was a hack!

  11. Melissa says

    I tried this one, but my daughter doesn’t accidentally lose her pacifier. She actually throws it out of the crib when she starts crying because it forces us to go in the room to retrieve it and comfort her. When we first started putting extra pacifiers in the corners of the crib, she went around and gathered all of the pacifiers and would try to suck on 3 or 4 at a time. For several months, she would only sleep if she had one in her mouth and was holding a second pacifier. I’m sure it’s a great hack for babies who can’t move yet though.

  12. Larry says

    I also put an extra on the car. It’s important that they are easily found and near the crib for fast access. The only problem would be if we forgot to return the pacifiers in place or put new ones.

  13. ryan says

    We did the “toss a bunch in the crib” method also. Give him one, toss a half-dozen in the crib and sleep all night.

    Granted all seven where nowhere to be found in the morning but they are easier to look for in the daylight when your actually awake.

  14. Christie says

    Our crib is curved so we connected one of the links from those linky toys to the side of the crib & attached a couple of spare pacifiers to that. Worked for us!

  15. Geri says

    I like Christie’s idea. Toys would be a good target for kids to grab during those time. And with the attached pacifier, it’s even useful.

  16. Phil says

    This worked great! Thanks. My wife and I gave this one a shot. Really good idea and it worked out great.

  17. Yvonne says

    WOW, I feel dumb. I have spent so many nights searching all over the crib for the missing passie. Thank you so much for this tip, so simple, but so smart. I am going to start using it tonight!