Parent Hacks admin: Email woes

I'm not sure what I've done to raise Gmail's hackles, but I just discovered that it has been junking a bunch of my email, including many of your notes to me and a bunch of Parent Hacks comment notifications. I've got it all here, but I had to do some serious wading through my junk folder to find it.

I'm hoping this problem will fix itself (please, please…), but just wanted to let you know. Anyone else having this problem?

On a related note, Parent Hacks now has the dubious honor of being visible enough to attract hoards of comment spam. Thank you to those of you who've written to me pointing it out. I do a daily sweep, but it's easy to miss some of them, especially when some of my comment notifications go into hiding.


  1. none says

    How long has it been going on? I e-mailed a hack about 3 months ago and was told it would probably be up in two, but I have yet to see it. Just curious.

  2. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Whitney: I apologize to you and everyone for the lag. My big delay in posting hacks from my queue is due to a number of things I intend to write about soon, but the biggest reason has been a very complicated parenting life since the beginning of summer. That, combined with summer offline travel my lack of a well-established “system” has made for some backup around here. I’ve got everyone’s hacks and am working on ways to make the pipeline run more smoothly and quickly. More about this soon.

    Jill: YES it has been a great help! The more eyes the better, as far as I’m concerned.

  3. kimc says

    Yes, me too – just discovered loads of important email in all of my gmail accounts. I wonder how much I lost that was automatically dumped after a month.

  4. Aimee says

    Yes, this has been happening to me. I blog with Typepad and almost half my comment notifications go to spam mail. I’ve tried adding the address and that still doesn’t always work. I have to visit my blog everyday to check if there are new comments. It’s annoying when you want to respond to a specific comment.

    Funny because the comment spam messages seem to always make it through. :)

  5. Abel says

    So far so good with Gmail, touch wood. It’s good to check the Spam folder once in a while in case you miss out some legit mails.

  6. Ryan says

    An easy way to check your spam box for your blog emails would be to do a search like this…


    Im just guessing that your comment notifies are coming from, replace it with what ever address they come from, or use the subject: search term.

    Then make sure you mark all of those as ‘Not Spam’ so gmail adjusts the filter for you.