Working with a one year-old’s light switch obsession

Kris's light switch hack keeps her son happy (for a while at least!): My one year old son is enthralled with being helpful by turning on and off the lights in every room when we enter or exit. The only problem is, "on" is a lot harder to master than "off" and he gets very […]

Ice cubes help keep a sick kid hydrated

Here’s Kip’s novel method for keeping the liquids going into his ailing daughter: Sarah (now 5) was having a sore throat. Quick strep test came back negative, so a virus was suspected, and the doctor said to keep liquids going in. Sarah was perfectly willing to eat popsicles all day long, but somehow I wasn’t […]

Parent Hacks admin: Email woes

I'm not sure what I've done to raise Gmail's hackles, but I just discovered that it has been junking a bunch of my email, including many of your notes to me and a bunch of Parent Hacks comment notifications. I've got it all here, but I had to do some serious wading through my junk […]

Record your own storytelling CD

Sarah's hack would work well for bedtime, sleepovers, travel, or road trips: For a cool bedtime (or anytime) CD, record yourself, grandparents, siblings, etc. reading your child's favoritie books. They can even tell stories they made up or (especially for the grandparents) stories from their own childhood. You can record them onto your computer using […]