Oversize long-sleeved shirt as parental snot guard

Jodi at The Mom Tech Review passed along this decidedly low-tech tip. Parents of snotty toddlers rejoice!

If you kid has a cold and likes to wipe his snot all over you, protect your clothing with a large long sleeve t-shirt or an old work shirt (steal from your husband).  Not only does it keep germs off you, but it is really easy to feel human again after you put the tike down to bed.  Just take the "smock" off and Presto! Chango! you are now snot-free.

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  1. poppy says

    “old work shirt (steal from your husband)”

    Because, as we all know, Dads never take care of sick kids and Moms never wear work shirts.

    Playing both sides of the sexism field in seven words.

  2. Maya says

    wait a minute … my kid’s going to start wiping snot on me? isn’t puking on me at 5 am in my bed enough?

  3. wdskmom says

    haha – isn’t that simply part of being a parent? I’ll just add it to the dirt & food & slobber that’s all over my clothes, thanks! :)

  4. Pamela says

    What I love about this hack is the tacit acknowledgment that there are kids out there — mine is one of them — that “like to wipe…snot all over you.” It’s like I’m his personal tissue. Of course, he disguises it as a kiss or a hug, but then he gets in close and just wipes his nose on my shirt/jacket/whatever. Oh, the joys!

  5. Sarah says

    A comment on the first comment – come on! I think the work shirt thing was referring to the fact that yes, generally your husband will have a nice Large work shirt, aiding in the comfort factor, especially in 90 degree heat. Does everything have to have a sexist inuendo to it? Well, I guess if you want to see it, you’ll see it everywhere.

  6. Tara says

    Wish I had something to protect myself from snot this morning…I went to church with a small snot stain on the front of my top that I didn’t notice till I got there. Ugh.

  7. jen says

    We call this the “Snot-te” in our house, a weird play on the yiddish word “schmatte”. We put on big shirts after getting dressed in the morning and if the kid gets yogurt or mucus on us, its no big deal.

    Honestly, a 7 month old can’t use a tissue. You can try. But you will wind up with snot on you.