Mattel/Fisher-Price toy recall

Many of you emailed me with news of the massive Fisher-Price toy recall currently underway — thank you. In general, I don't post recall notices here; the CPSC covers this territory well, even offering an RSS feed of recall notices for toys and children's products. But I feel like this is just too huge not to mention.

Check the Mattel website for a full list of recalled toys. Elmo and Dora have been hit pretty hard.


  1. Stay At Home Dad, Geek Style says

    All of Alex’s toys are Elmo, so I was on the website, looking like a crazy person for anything she has. Luckily, it looks like it is only stuff sold in stores from May 2007 on.


  2. Dana says

    As I wrote in my own post on the subject (link to, I have to wonder if all these recalls (vid. the Thomas the Tank Engine recall two months ago) will spur a retro movement towards homemade toys. Parent Hacks could be on the leading edge here….

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