links for 2007-08-01


  1. wdskmom says

    The zenhabits list is wonderful. So true & so well put together. Too bad so many don’t teach a lot of what’s on the list

  2. sarah says

    I’ve got a post up about this Target deal on my blog today (…
    I wonder if I’m the “reader Sarah B.” that Angie is referring to? (Although, I’m not actually a reader of that blog…but she may have found the link on the parenting advice carnival where I posted a link.) Anyway, I hope lots of people get great deals on baby food. And as I mentioned in my original post – I think it would be great if people who don’t need baby food for themselves take advantage of the opportunity to get a great deal on baby food, and then donate it to their local food pantry or other family-assistance organization.

  3. sarah says

    I’m a total dork…I didn’t see that the date on Angie’s post is from weeks ago – so no, I’m not the “Sarah B” that she was talking about! But, the Target coupon is a great deal. Everyone go buy lots of cheap baby food! If you don’t need it, donate it to someone who does.