Ice cubes help keep a sick kid hydrated

Here’s Kip’s novel method for keeping the liquids going into his ailing daughter:

Sarah (now 5) was having a sore throat. Quick strep test came back negative, so a virus was suspected, and the doctor said to keep liquids going in. Sarah was perfectly willing to eat popsicles all day long, but somehow I wasn’t convinced that an all-popsicle diet was in her best interest.

So I filled an ice cube tray from a bottle of lemon-flavored water, and let her suck as many lemon ice cubes as she wanted. I tried to make them small, but she still wanted them smaller, so I would put one in a ziploc bag and whack it into chunks.

Next day, her throat was all well. Mission accomplished!

This ice cube tray makes cylindrical ice cubes (for slipping into bottled drinks) and would be a good choice for this hack, I think.

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  1. Christy says

    We picked up a few heart shaped silicone ice cube trays on sale from the dollar section at Target right after Valentine’s Day last year, and those are our special cubes.

    You could also make your own Popsicles with dixie cups and popsicle sticks or the thousands of other recipes on the internet.

  2. Lisa says

    If you can get a cup of ice from Sonic, you won’t be sorry. The ice is in little pellets and when my son was sick, he loved Sonic ice.

  3. says

    Using ice cubes to keep the kids hydrated is a great idea. It would even be better with the different shapes. We know how kids like those different colors and shapes.

  4. kt says

    If you need Pedialyte (or something similar) it tastes better frozen. I can’t stand the stuff raw, but in frozen form its better.

  5. Bob says

    Nice trick to make alternatives to sugary ice pops too (which get requested hourly at our house).

    For sick kids: Pedialyte makes a frozen ice pop that we keep in stock. We also drop an ice cube in one of those mesh Baby Safe Feeders ( and that works well.

    On a side note, I read the headline and thought it was about the rapper — “Ice Cube did what now?!”

  6. says

    For sore throats, making ice pops with lemon and a little honey would be terrific. When I was a singer, hot water with lemon and honey was a great soother.