Glow sticks as travel night lights

Amazon: Lumistick 8" Glow Bracelets Assorted Allyson's hack does double duty: after-dark fun, and an easier bedtime:

I just discovered a wonderful hack while on vacation. We brought along glow sticks to play with on the beach after dark, but discovered they worked great as night lights for our 5- and 2 year old sons.  They got to choose a new color each night, so it was exciting to go to bed. We got the bracelet glow sticks, so they wore them all night and it helped make an unfamiliar room much more comfortable!

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  1. says

    These glow sticks/bracelets are now part of our family camping tradition. Because of their long lifespan (8 hours or more!) we break them out a little early so the kids can get more out of them.

    1) Several glow bracelets strung together they make a great frisbee-type thing we toss around at dusk
    2) The glow sticks make the kids easier to spot around a dark campsite.
    3) And of course, they are great nightlights for dark tents!

  2. says

    Who doesnt love glowsticks. I use them myself! lol. The real question is which is better….balloons or glowsticks? : )

  3. Ethan says

    We use them for emergency nightlights. Up here in the Puget Sound, we tend to get more than our fair share of power outages and they always come just as we are putting kids to bed. No nightlight=no sleep for mom and dad. One glowsstick saves the day…er…the night!

  4. says

    We love them too. The dollar store sometimes has them cheap and we’ll stock up. Here’s another tip:

    Put glow sticks in the freezer when the kids fall asleep and you’ll be able to use them again the following night.

  5. wdskmom says

    I hung glow in the dark stars in Samuel’s room to provide a bit of glow without glaring light. Same effect.

  6. hedra says

    Just don’t let the 2-year-olds get them if they still chew stuff… one of ours bit the end of one hard enough to crack it open. Nobody saw any leaks, so we just kept her away from it… but the thing leaked all over the hotel bedlinens (it had been tucked under the pillow). :wince:

    We used the bracelets to light a path to a cabin we were staying in, many years ago. It was really cool. Could use that for lighting the path to the privy…

  7. says

    Dollar Tree has them quite often for a dollar a pack. That means 5 bracelets, two of the thick torchlike ones, three necklaces, or various other types…when you consider that they sell them for upwards of three dollars a piece at fairs and carnivals you see the savings.

  8. says

    Another hack for glow sticks: A friend’s child went through a period of bath phobia. I think he was 3 years old. They tried everything to get him in the tub to no avail. What finally worked? They dimmed the lights in the bathroom and threw a few glow sticks in the water! He jumped right in!

  9. Diane Brooks says

    We’ve used these for camping for quite a while – they work great. Since we go camping with our dog (a black lab) putting a necklace style one around her neck over her collar works great for keeping her in sight and gives the kids a fun way to track her. They’re all amused and I get to sit down for a bit!