Coffee sleeve makes frozen drinks easier to handle

Il 430Xn.8595181Art's hack should be posted at all quick-mart checkout counters:

With warm weather upon us the requests by my children for the {insert brand name}ee frozen drink of choice at the local convenience store has risen with the temperature.  Along with that goes the complaints by the kids of "it's too cold" and the occasional dropped drink due to frosty fingers.  I've tried the napkin/paper towel route (falls apart quickly) and the second cup (seems like a waste).  It was the day when I was getting my cup of java at the same time that the idea struck me.  When I slid the hot beverage carrier sleeve over my coffee (the little folded cardboard doughnut they hand out for free with your coffee) I slipped one on each of the kids drinks as well.  No more cold fingers, no more dropped drinks, and oh blessed quiet as they happily slurped away.

Related (sort of): I recently picked up a reusable sleeve at a little gift shop in Glitter Gulch, Alaska. Here's a craftier version at Etsy (see photo). Of course, you can always save the cardboard ones and keep a few stored in your bag or glove box.


  1. Chris says

    That’s not a bad idea. The crafty one is made of denim, but it wouldn’t be too hard to make your own out of denim and use some Velcro to help adjust for the difference sizes in cups.

    It’ll also lay flat when not in use!

  2. Candace Prosser says

    haha, I work for a company that hands out those above mentioned doughnuts on a cup that is quite identical to the one above. When we go in to the establishment with the kiddos I always get a few extra for the kids drinks and we save the plastic cups with the domed lids for nat traps.

    Take said cup and lid. Wash and dry. pour an inch of apple cider vinegar (or for maximun potency apple juice concentrate as well) into cup and invert lid onto cup.

    Viola, instant nat trap. Those lil’ buggers crawl in and can’t crawl out. Upon your discretion- when you think it is full or isn’t working as well, empty it, rinse and repeat.

    WE keep one of these on the kitchen counter near our fruit bowl. Works like a charm.