Clean the bathroom while your kid’s in the tub

Leslie’s practical "get it all clean at once" hack:

My hack came about as we were supposed to have someone come over for dinner and I really needed to clean the guest bathroom. But with two kids (18 months and 3 months) time is precious and I never got around to it. So the other night, I decided to give my son a bath in the bathroom that needed cleaning the most before our guest came over. While he bathed, I could clean the bathroom and still maintain my presence in the bathroom at the same time. When he gets his next bath, it will be in my bathtub so that I can clean my bathroom while he plays and is contained. It isn’t life altering, but once or twice a week will sure go a long way in making my house a little more presentable!

This goes well with a bathtub cleaning hack from Flylady: shampoo squeezed onto a sponge or washcloth will wipe down a bath and shower quite well, even while the kid’s still playing in the tub. Sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the cloth for some gentle, non-toxic scrubbing action (on the bath walls, not the kid).

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  1. wdskmom says

    I do this ALL the time! And if you sing silly songs, you don’t feel guilty for not spending that “quality” bath time with them!

  2. Christine says

    Wow that is great! I wish I’d have thought of that a long while back. My son is 2 and I think I’ll start trying that. Especially since our bathroom has a separate shower and takes longer to clean. I’ll just put in one of his Baby Einstein cd’s that we can sing along to for bath fun time!

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