An easier way to apply sunscreen to kids’ faces

Cheri's summer-simplifying tip:

I have found a way to make applying sunscreen to my kiddo's face SO much easier!  I was always finding myself chasing their faces around and telling them to "Look up!"  Finally I had my son lay flat on the floor.  He barely moved his head at all, and I could really see where I was applying it and could make sure that it got where it needed to be.  It even works with my 15 month old!


  1. Rachel says

    What a fabulous idea! I’ll be using it tomorrow morning. Each day I have to make crazy faces to keep my 3 year old looking up. It’s really hard to apply sunscreen with crossed eyes! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. HDC says

    Excellent idea. Now how does she get the 15 month old to lie down? I can’t my 17 month old to lie down with anything less than a tranquilizer dart. There’s the challenge!

  3. Jill in Atlanta says

    1. strip child naked (I liked laying them on the diaper table for it all)
    2. apply sunscreen
    3. apply swimdiaper
    4. apply swimsuit

  4. Sonia says

    I use a sunblock stick on my 15 month old. I just give him something really interesting to play with (such as my keys, wallet, you know, the usual off limits stuff) and rub the stick along his face. It works sooo much better than regular sunscreen and he doesn’t get it in his eyes.

  5. Abel says

    No way to run! I agree with Sonia. Give the child his favorite toy if lying down is not enough.

  6. none says

    I’ve done this one for a while, but I had never thought of it as a hack. I actually get them to lay with their heads on my lap, which might help a bit with extra-squirmy little ones.

  7. STL Mom says

    I swear by the sunblock stick, because I was STILL having trouble putting sunscreen on the faces of my kids (ages 4&7). Our current favorite is the Hawaiian Tropic Outrageous Sunblock Stick with “island jolt” scent. My kids actually stand still and say, “Mmm, that smells good!” while I put it on. Okay, fairly still. Most days.

  8. hedra says

    We use the stick stuff, too. The one we use (dang, what IS it called?) leaves a light film behind. I get them to stand still by drawing pictures on their faces, like face paint, only more extensive and somewhat crude drawings (stick too wide for details, and all). But they’ll stand still and tip their faces up for having a pirate ship drawn on, or a raven, or a variety of swords, etc. They run off to look at themselves before we rub it in. DuraScreen, that’s the one, PHEW! (Bonds to skin, stays on 8 hours, and my kids aren’t allergic to it!)

  9. none says

    Works well for brushing teeth too… with head in your lap to help prevent choking….:)

  10. Taylor B says

    Another great option is TruKid’s sunscreen stick. Kids are able to apply this sunscreen themselves without making huge messes! My kids that are 4, 7, and 9 are able to apply sunscreen themselves now, and they love it! You can buy Trukid’s sunstick at or