Takeout containers as small bits organizers

Mary’s found a good use for empty takeout containers:

I don’t know when Chinese restaurants became my "Tupperware" hookup, but takeout has been coming in much better containers lately. My favorites are these rectangular plastic containers with clear lids that snap on tightly. I was using them happily as leftover vessels, but when I was visiting my parents recently, my mother gave me back one of my containers that she’d lovingly washed and saved for me thinking it was something "real." I’d brought my daughter’ magic markers in a Ziploc bag for our trip, and was pleased to see that they fit in the container perfectly. The clear top lets you see what’s inside, and the top stays closed even if it takes a dive off the table. And? It was the magic price. These would be great as sorters and containers for all sorts of art supplies and "precious" things.

I also find that the round containers from the bulk bin section of our natural foods grocery come in handy for all sorts of things.

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  1. Trish says

    I own no storage containers that are NOT chinese takeout leftovers. In fact, I will order a particular menu item because I have lost/cracked/the dog ate one and I need another of that size.

    They’re awesome because 1) they’re black and don’t show stains 2) they’re kinda free and 3) you don’t feel guilty recycling them when your husband forgets one in his lunchbox after a 4 day weekend!


  2. wdskmom says

    Margarine containers, yogurt cups, ‘candy’ bins… our cupboard is full of re-used plastic containers! Why pay Ziploc for something we’d just be tossing away (I say tossing as so many of these items aren’t recyclable). :)

  3. HDC says

    The plastic containers are becoming more prevalent as more areas are outlawing the polystyrene containers in favor of recyclable ones.

    I’ve also found the smaller sized containers excellent for baths. They fit neatly into toddler tubs and are the perfect size for rinsing with.

  4. says

    HDC is right, the plastic containers are very common now. The idea is great as it makes use of things we throw otherwise. Go green!

  5. Mary says

    The reusing is great, but unfortunately they are still plastic, so it’s not a huge leap for the environment.

  6. says

    Since some of those take out containers are plastic, I make sure that it is reused as much as possible.