links for 2007-07-22


  1. Grendel says

    To simply put it in one word:


    Not one comment about the danger of flash on newborns’ eyes. Read through your camera’s manual, i.e. the Cullmann AF 42 mentions it explicitly.

  2. Mary Tsao says

    Thanks for the link to the tips about photographing birthday parties. Good stuff! And is it just me, or does every mom go to a birthday party at least twice a month (or more!)??

  3. Darren says

    Grandel – thanks for the comment but you might want to reread the section on indirect light where I mention a conversation with a pediatrician who advised that flash was safe – but that he advised indirect flash (bounced or diffused). His comment to me was that if flash damaged babies eyes that virtually every baby he ever sees visited by family in it’s first week would be blind as a bat.

    I personally advise in the post to go for an indirect flash to be safe and for the baby’s comfort.

  4. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Mary: I’ve started being “busy” for birthday party invites. If the kid isn’t a really good friend of my kids’, I often politely decline. Whatever happened to the good, old-fashioned family birthday? I had a birthday party once every two or three years when I was a kid…they were extra special that way. When I suggest this in mixed company, I get stares like I just suggested cancelling Halloween.

  5. wdskmom says

    We would alternate b’day parties for our son. One year would be a ‘big’ party w/ lots of kids & the alternate year was a sleepover with one friend. It worked for us.