Laminate summer camp packing lists

Aliza's hack would also work well for back-to-school supply lists (not that anyone's thinking about school right now):

My daughter has been going to camp for the last couple of years.  Each year the camp sends me the same packing list and each year I lose it and have to print out another one (or two).  This year I took the list and laminated it.  That way I can check each item off the list with an erasable marker and write notes on it too!  They won't get lost because I will toss them right in her trunk when she gets back from camp (along with all of her other stuff that she uses just for camp).


  1. marykz says

    and don’t forget to mark all their stuff with the PH favorite Sharpie! We mark reusable H20 bottles, clothing labels, backpack, lunchbag- you name it off the camp list and it has our initials on it somewhere. I’ve been amazed how many camp counselors have thanked us profusely for doing it. (doesn’t everyone?)

  2. Sarah says

    This also works great for basic information for a sitter. We keep a copy of our phone numbers, medical info, etc on the frige and we can write extra notes on it with a dry erase marker if we need to.

  3. Zed says

    Great hack. I tweak this a little by putting lists in sheet protectors instead of laminating them. Dry erase markers work just as well on the sheet protectors, and I don’t have to add yet another errand to my day by heading off to the shop that laminates. I learned this one from Flylady.

  4. none says

    Why not keep it on the computer? We do that with our camping list: it’s on the computer, and we can add to it or switch whatever we like, based on our needs. Over the years I have been happy to take “playpen” and “sippy cups” off the list, and add stuff like “markers and paper”.
    For our particular camp list there are three checklists: a ‘make sure it is ready, but it’s already in the camping stuff’ list; the ‘gather these things from around the house’ list; and the shopping list.

    We never forget a thing. :-)

  5. MelissaS says

    My friend has her camping list on the computer but prints it out as it was 3+ years ago and takes great pleasure in crossing off all the things they DON’T have to worry about anymore.

    Now that her kids are older, it makes the list seem so much more manageable now that she doesn’t have baby food, pack n play’s or pacifiers.

  6. Aliza says

    I hadn’t thought of doing the same (and with sheet protectors – what a great idea!) with her school supply list – which I just got in the mail with her last quarter report card. Before I lose it, I will make a copy for her dad (we are divorced and he likes to go school shopping with her too) and laminate them (or use sheet protectors. Thanks for the great idea!

  7. Katie says

    I have lists on my Treo. I have a master packing (and grocery list) list and copy and paste it to a new memo to make changes and additions depending on the travel.

  8. mama2tlc says

    If you don’t stay at camp with your child, and they will be packing up without your help… having the laminated list will also help assure that everything is packed to come home with!