Freeze old teethers for cool boo boo relief

Good thing Sara didn't throw out all those old teethers:

Remember those water filled plastic teething toys?  My daughter is well passed teething, but I popped them into the freezer and now when she has a "hurt" I offer her a frozen frog or fish to put on it.  Cold compresses are good for a lot of things, but playing with an ice cold toy is also a distraction from a bug bite or scrape.

Just be sure to keep away from the soft plastic liquid-filled teethers. They were part of a safety recall last year.


  1. Valerie says

    My daughter’s daycare uses these for ouchies and bumps of all kinds. I had to go find some so I could have the appropriate “icies” at home!

  2. JT says

    In our house, we’re huge fans of the Mr. Men books (written by Roger Hargreaves). A few years back, the license on the characters was extended and they created a few kid-friendly cold packs in the shapes of Mr. Happy, Mr. Bump, and Miss something-or-other. Mr. Bump has had a home in our fridge ever since.

    My middle son has a very strong affinity for Mr. Bump, and will ask for him even if his injury has little to do with a bump or bruise… and since it has such a calming effect, I’m happy to use him.

    If you want your own Mr. Bump, I got our first one at CB2, and a second one at The Container Store. I’m sure they’re available other places, too.

  3. Elana says

    I think you have to be careful with those, if you freeze them. I’ve heard of children who have gotten frostbite by holdign those up to their skin. Keep ‘em in the fridge instead, or wrap them in a kitchen towel first.

  4. Parent Hacks Editor says

    JT: We love the Mr. Men books! The humor is just right for my kids. Easy for them to read in bed, too.