Fish tank net makes short work of cleaning debris out of wading pools

Here's how Pam keeps the baby pool clean!

I just purchased a fish net at my local dollar store – works great for cleaning out leaves and dead bugs from the babe's wading pool.

Not as cheap as what you'd find at the dollar store…but I found a cute Sassy bath toy that could be used for the same purpose (and also played with in the pool).

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  1. kendra says

    That’s a great idea, we have one already for the bathtub. I was using the goldfish net but was thinking in the back of my head that that might be a little gross.

  2. Chris says

    I usually let my kids take a bunch of stuff from the kitchen, including a wire strainer that they can use to get grass out of the pool.

  3. ChristieNY says

    Great idea!

    Another quick tip, if you have a very small pool (like a plastic kiddie pool), you can toss a mildew-proof shower curtain over it when it’s not in use to keep the debris out, it’s just about the right size and is made to get wet. :)

  4. DarrylD says

    A fish-tank cleaner? I hope you’re not talking about one of those 3 or 4 inch jobbies with the 1-foot handle… If so, I suggest you find a butterfly net for your kid. The net’s opening is nearly a foot in diameter, and the nets are nearly a foot deep and have a firm handle that is a few feet long. You can use it to more-quickly clean the pool, kids will beg to do so themselves, and it reverts to helping your kid capture and explore backyard bugs.

    One last comment: the first nets in our family were bought just after my sister went camping with an entomologist and his family. Her first lesson was that one doesn’t just *chase a bug* with a net: his kids already knew that you find cooler stuff if you wade into tall grass and whomp the net on the grass indiscriminately, then check the net. This catches everything imaginable, whether it flies or not. Ladybugs, hoppers, tiny gnats, moths, tiny bugs you’d never otherwise notice.

    Whether you’re seining grass out of the play pool or catching bugs, a few quick ‘backwards’ swings of a net turns it inside-out and cleans it effectively.

  5. Dawn says

    Same idea but for a sandbox instead; we use a kitchen strainer to clean out the sandbox when it gets full of pine needles, leaves, and grass!

  6. JT says

    I second the mesh strainer concept. My mom brings several of those outside when the kids play in her wading pool, and after leaping into the pool from great distances for a while, the boys can spend some time scooping out all the grass their feet dragged in!

  7. Wendy says

    My mother came up with this idea years ago. If you take a pair of old panty hose, and put them over a wire hanger so that the opening of the waist is around the body of the hanger. And then use the hook of the hanger as a handle, just skim it around the pool and all the bugs and junk will go to the feet of the hose. When there gets to be alot of bugs, etc, just tie knots and cut off the feet. You can continue to do this until there’s not any legs left:) Hope that makes sense.