Fill baby’s high chair tray with water for warm weather splashing

Misty's found a way for her baby to enjoy some summertime water fun:

We are trying to not use the air conditioning, so things are really starting to get warm.  My daughter is too young to really go swimming or use the water playset hack talked about on your site.  But her high chair has a very deep lip, enough to hold about half an inch of water.  I filled that with tap water, stripped her down, and let her splash around as she wants.  It is amusing to see her reaction when she splashes herself, and her obvious enjoyment of the new experience.

I posted a picture in case that is helpful: /


  1. Chris (mombie) says

    I used to do this year round for my older son but I would also give him small pieces of cloth, sponges, an eye dropper or some small cups to use in the water. He loved it.

  2. Navi says

    Wow. That’s a neat idea.

    I did a variation of the waterplayset, last year (though I hadn’t seen it on this site). My son loves water and water tables were too expensive so I changed a plastic drawer into one. I cut off the tabs on the top, too so I could put the top back on and return it to use as a drawer, when needed:

  3. Pamela says

    We use shaving gel in the high chair tray to create “snow.” Won’t cool baby off, but does keep my guy busy. It’s a tip we picked up in his occupational therapy to get him to play with more textures, and it’s lots of fun, too. Like finger painting without the mess of all the colors. I buy the Aveeno no fragrance brand to have at home. He loves it!

  4. Starr says

    great idea. image what putting an old shower curtian under the highchair can do for the clean up?