Cut grapes into mini-bunches

Discovered while preparing for my daughter's 4th birthday party (which I'm doing RIGHT NOW):

When serving a bunch of grapes to a group of kids, cut it into "mini-bunches" of 5-8 grapes each, then pile them in a bowl. The presentation still looks natural (unlike a bowl of individual grapes, which somehow isn't as nice), and you won't be left with a single, pawed-over bunch which looks unappetizing after about 5 minutes.

This task is best accomplished with a pair of kitchen shears — one of my must-have gadgets.

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  1. Chris Austin-Lane says

    I also find that taking the grapes out of the refrigerator 20 or 30 minutes before serving so they warm up makes my kids much more likely to eat them (true for all sorts of fruits, really).

  2. Juggling Frogs says

    O o o! This is a great idea. I plan to do this for the next time I serve adults, (on a buffet, or large groups for dinner) too.

  3. Juggling Frogs says

    P.S. Shears in the kitchen are a must! I often use them for ‘chopping’ herbs, rather than a knife. It’s faster, easier, and gives more control. I can’t imagine ‘chopping’ chives any other way.

  4. rebel says

    Definitely. Also very important when sending them for lunch at school. Otherwise by mid day they’re brownish where the stem was and my daughter won’t touch them.

  5. WhatWorksForMom says

    Love this idea! Shears have become a staple in our kitchen (a real time saver)!

  6. Allen Knutson says

    Small bunches like this are great to hand my 20-month-old; he is occupied feeding himself, and doesn’t lose grapes on the floor, for a good thirty seconds while I can accomplish some other thing.

  7. Julie says

    My kids wouldn’t eat grapes for awhile until I started doing this! The novelty makes them eat the whole mini-bunch.

  8. none says

    I LOVE this idea! At 2 yrs old, I still cut the grapes in half but I’ll store this tip for later on!

  9. Zed says

    I do this almost every time I host a dinner party. The addition of grapes seems to round out most meals served to a large group (i.e., it makes me more confident that I have enough food) and cutting them into small bunches lets each person take as many or as few as they want.

  10. VenturaMom says

    Fabulous hack! I used it last night for a dinner party with kids and grown ups. Everyone ate at least one mini-bunch!

  11. adrienne says

    A belated happy fourth to your daughter!

    Blogging tips and prepping for a party simultaneously? You’re seriously hardcore. I tip my hat to you, ma’am.

  12. Tracy says

    I do this for adult parties as well. When I don’t have time to do the party food myself I get a tray of wraps from Costco, relocate the greens and wraps to my own plater, then fill in the gaps along the edges with mini bunches of green and red grapes. It makes it look like you worked SO HARD. ;)

  13. A Week In The Life of A Redhead says

    My son likes to use grapes as weapons using a spoon for a catapult and the dog for a target.
    Unfortunately, the dog won’t eat grapes…
    Catherine, the redhead

  14. John says

    Kitchen shears are essential. We have 2 of them so we always have a clean pair ready. Use them for everything from cutting up chicken breast to pizza into toddler sized servings. Also great for opening the infernal packaging on kids toys!

  15. MsRebecca says

    This idea really does work wonderfully, My son is extremely picky and always insisted on my plucking each grape individually from the vine.. I got so tired of this then heard about this tip.. he is fine with the miniature bunches..