Coffee stirrers make good juice box straws

Why do the juice box straws always end up at the bottom of the bag? Winnie’s solution:

I had a ton of coffee stirrers left over from a party and figured I’d just use them for craft projects. However, I’ve found that hollow coffee stirrers make a great straw for kids. From toting juice boxes in my bag, I often lose the straw. Coffee stirrers are just the right size straw for the small juice boxes. We also use them for the drinkable yogurt.


  1. says

    THANK you for this one — we lose the straws all the time (may have something to do with a toddler who loves to pull things apart) and I’m always scrambling to find them. I will definitely use this one.

  2. Ana says

    This is great! I didn’t give it much thought at first, but my son’s juice box the other day came without a straw and I didn’t realize it until we were in the car and away from home. I’ve now got some stir sticks in my purse!