links for 2007-07-31

Solana Swaddle Wrap Super-thin, light cotton swaddling blankets. Look wonderful for hot summer nights… (tags: parenthacks baby) The MotherHood Wonderful new social networking space for moms. (tags: motherhood moms technology kids parenting) – Interview with Asha Dornfest of Parent Hacks I'm honored that Abel of Parent Wonder asked to interview me. Thank you, Abel! […]

Toys to Iraq: Edmay’s coming home

For the latest information about how to send toys to Iraq, please see the original post. Edmay — the amazing grandmother stationed in Iraq who has spearheaded collecting toys for children in Iraq — is ending her time there and coming home. From Edmay in the comments of this post: TO ALL: Please do not […]

Easy cooking project: Homemade tortillas

My kids both have an attraction to anything squishy. They love all of those stretchy, gel-like trinkets flooding the market, and all manner of playdough. When I can muster the patience, I pull out the flour, water, salt, baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring — my son’s favorite ingredients for “experiments,” and let the kids […]

Use carry-on bag as footrests for kids

Glennia's hack should make summer flights go a little smoother: If you are traveling on a plane with a toddler or preschooler who likes to kick the seat in front of him or her, it might be because their legs go numb from dangling from the carseat for a long period.  Put a small carry-on […]

links for 2007-07-24

GoodyBlog: Postcard Scavenger Hunt Turn any travel stop into an adventure! Thanks for the pointer, Melissa! (tags: parenthacks travel kids) Recall notice: Playskool "NoSpill" Sippy Cups (tags: recalls kids)