28 June 2007

Where to stick the alphabet magnets with a stainless steel refrigerator?

Whitney's tip:

For those who have magnetic letters or other magnets, but have a stainless steel fridge to which no magnets stick, use the magnets on your washer/dryer, trash can, or oven, depending on if these things have exposed sides in a safe place in your house.  (They work great there at my house.) [I happen to have a metal back door -- perfect for this purpose. Also, while the refrigerator doors may not work for magnets, the sides usually do. -- Ed.]

We also use a non-stick cookie tray for fridge magnets.  They stick wonderfully.  Then we can sit on the floor together and play "I Spy" with the contents of the cookie tray.  Julian loves to identify the letters and pull them off the tray, and then put them back on to start again.


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i was sick of the magnets being in the kitchen - sliding under the fridge and whatnot. we decided to paint a little corner just next to the kitchen with magnetic paint. what a pain. i wish we would have just bolted a piece of metal to the wall, as i've seen other people do. i had to do lots of coats (8?) of paint and the magnets still barely stick to it.

Wouldn't putting the magnets on your oven be a little dangerous? We have taught our son not to touch the oven, as ours gets quite hot when it's on.

Our front porch has a metal door, so the outside of it became the place for a special magnetic-letter "Welcome Home Dad" for my husband's return from a business trip one time. It could be a great way to announce birthdays and such.

Beth touched on something neat -- it's surprising how many people forget about the metal doors in their house. We have a lot of things on the door to our garage, which is from our kitchen, and happens to be about two feet from the fridge.

This might not be too helpful, if you have a stainless fridge you probably have a stainless dishwasher, but check it anyway. Ours works.

We use the cookie sheets for (kid) magnetic poetry. And because there has to be at least two thousand little words and letters, we also store it in the cookie sheet. Works great! Also travels in the car. I also like to take digital pictures of the finished epic poems, print them and throw them in my kid's keepsake box (along with pictures of other departed works of art).

We bought a magnetic whiteboard and mounted it in the hallway outside of our son's room (actually, one for each son). We mounted it vertically, so that the lower part is theirs to use for playing with magnetic letters, etc, and the upper part (out of their reach) is their equivalent of the fridge door ... holding pictures, artwork, etc, that they want to display.

There is this new paint that is magnetic - you can paint any part of a wall and it then becomes a magnetic board - you can do the same colour as is the wall or choose to do a little square or whatever. Very fun! You could do it in the kids room, bathroom - hell - even the *gasp* kitchen!

How about stretching some sheets of saran wrap over the stainless steel surface and taping it along the outer edges of the door?

That magnetic paint sounds fun too. Gotta look that one up.

This is great. We just moved to a new house with a stainless steel fridge and I had no idea what to do with our letters. I think I'm going to try the washer/dryer.

Ikea sells Metal sheets for this purpose that you can put on any wall, kitchen or otherwise.

All you need is some Rustoleum spray paint topped by a nice color paint of your chosing...and, voila! You have an instant magnetic surface that can be as small or as large as you like. The kids will have fun experimenting with their new magnet board, wall, door, table, or whatever else you can dream of turning into a play surface.

We are trying to buy a house, and I cannot wait to paint walls in our kitchen, playroom, and boys' room with the magnetic paint. You can read about it at


I haven't tried it yet but so far haven't seen complaints about that brand. You could even paint a part of the wall, and then nail up molding to create an attractive 'frame.'

IKEA also sells magnetic notice boards that you can screw onto the wall, instead of the metal sheets.


(sorry, it's the Canada store, but you get the idea)

The baking tray also works very well in the car, for other activities besides magnetic toys. Magnets can be used to hold down a drawing paper, for example.

We let our kids find what's magnetic in the house and choose where to put the letters. Some days, we get cryptic messages on the dishwasher. Other days, numbers on wall-corners that have metal studs. The kids love exploring the house and figuring out what sticks where and why.

interesting to read these as I am beginning to launch my product...a spacesaver magnet board which can be placed ANYWHERE without the need to drill or use adhesives...the neat thing is for those "neat freaks" (like myself) you can simply remove the board with all its contents and store it in a closet or cabinet and then place it back up again! wherever you like! please give me your feedback about this...it would help me get a feel for the demand...THANKS!

This is sort of related... I have a metal front door, so I use a magnet to stick whatever list I need (i.e. grocery list, 'don't forget to take this with you' lists, etc) so that I will remember to take it with me when I leave the house.

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