Use Lunapads postpartum to save money and resources

LunapadsLunapads are washable, reusable menstrual products — the feminine hygiene equivalent of cloth diapers. I've had several friends tell me how wonderful they are in terms of comfort and value, and then Kelly wrote in saying how useful they'd be postpartum. In case you've forgotten, after the baby's born, one must contend with a several-week long case of "spotting." Lunapads are an ideal alternative for that time. Another alternative: Lunapanties.

Great tip, Kelly — thank you!

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  1. TulipGirl says

    I’ve tried cloth pads–and been so pleased with them! Honestly, a lot less “ick” than most people initially think.

  2. Mama K says

    I have been really happy with the switch to cloth pads. They are more comfortable and actually work better.
    I agree, they are a lot less “ick” than you would think. Modern washing machines are amazing. :)

  3. Qsmom says

    I recently switched to cloth pads after loving using cloth diapers for my LO. I, too, have been really happy with the switch. Now it’s disposable pads that seem icky to me–in terms of both the environment and what’s up against my skin.

    As for cost, there is an initial investment, but you’ll likely save a chunk of change over the years when you don’t have to keep buying disposable feminine pads/tampons. There is also quite a range in cost of cloth pads (many of which are made by WAHMs): check out the reviews at or the stores listed under “Mama Items” at

  4. Mandy says

    There are cuter, cheaper cloth pads at I use the mini pads as backup to my Diva Cup (which I also love!) and they also sell postpartum pads, overnight pads, regular pads, and pantyliners.

  5. brigita says

    Speaking of the Diva Cup, does anyone know if it’s ok to use a cup for postpartum bleeding? I can’t imagine I’d be too excited about putting it in/taking it out immediately following delivery, I was thinking more a few weeks down the road once things have healed and the flow has lightened up somewhat. Thanks!

  6. a new mom says

    Holy moly, brigita, you are a brave woman! That area was OFF LIMITS for me for at least 6 weeks – way after the flow stopped!

  7. hedra says

    Brigita, a lot of docs/midwives don’t want you inserting ANYTHING for a while, especially if there was internal damage, due to infection risk. I’d expect it to leak pretty bad, and even with ‘just skidmarks’ I’d never want to use it during that period. Comfy otherwise, but.. um, no, not then, not for me (granted, I’m done having kids, so this is moot).

    Stick with the pads for a bit postpartum. And if you haven’t bought a Diva Cup yet, and you haven’t had a baby yet, keep in mind that the size you want may differ based on your age and the mode of birth.

  8. Rachel says

    Hedra is right, as much as I love my Diva Cup it is just not an option immediately postpartum, I go in for my 6 week follow up tomorrow and I still wouldn’t want to put it in, I may use pads for my first postpartum period if it comes anytime soon.

  9. Kim says

    I don’t know about the reusable pads, but I did start using cloth with my 15 month old and can;t believe how much easier it is than I thought it would be. I also got the Diva cup but haven;t had a chance to use it yet. Everyone raves about it so I am interested to see how well it works.

  10. Kelly says

    I’ve used lunapads for 10 years or so — they wash really well, they protect really well, they’re durable — plus they’re a great company and yeah, no waste and considering how long the pads last, the cost per wearing is nearly nothing. and they’re colorful! so I recommend ‘em.

  11. Angela says

    I use cloth pads a lot like this for the first few days of my period. They’re a lot more comfortable, hold a lot more, and they don’t feel nearly as icky as disposable pads do after a while. I’m kind of anti-tampon and these suit me just fine. I have no idea why people think disposables and shoving tampons up there are less “icky.”

  12. hanmee says

    I have used both the lunapads and the diva cup.

    The diva cup took some adjustment/practice, but it’s convenient to use and you never have to worry about not having a tampon available.

    I also use luna pads and they are great. What I like about them specifically (vs other cloth pads), is that you can easily change out the liners or add more liners in, but keep the base pad there. With other pads, the whole cloth is already stained so you switch out the whole pad.