Underwear packaging makes ideal flash card storage

So many products come with promising outer packaging — I'm thinking sheets and larger bed linens. Sharon came up with a good use for the thick plastic packaging in which underwear is sold:

I love to find new uses for old packaging – REUSE!!  I recently potty trained two little girls and their tiny (very cute!!) underwear came in plastic cases that have a button snap.  I saved them and I now use them to hold flashcards! We have lots of flashcards and inevitably the cardboard box they came in rips or gets lost.  The underwear bag is perfect.  Just the right size – see through and closable.  It even holds larger flashcards. Some even have a cord handle for carrying.


  1. ThomasT says

    Tip: don’t put Parent Hacks right after a bunch of tech blogs in your RSS reader, or else you’ll end up wondering why someone would want to put their Secure Digital, Compact Flash, etc. flash memory cards in children’s underwear packages. :-)

  2. Liz says

    I have a friend who would pack her children’s clothes in the clear comforter bags when they went camping or to sleepovers. That way she could see what they had, and retrieve individual items without dumping the entire contents of the bag out. The kids could also tell their bags apart that way.

    I’ve used the little Robeez zip bags for crayons and sewing kits, and one holds a selection of finger puppets when we go on road trips.

    Hmmm, this might be a nice way to organize activities for the long car trip we are going on this summer! A bag of books, a bag of art supplies, a bag of toys, etc., that everyone can see into, which might keep the parents from wrenching their backs getting items from the back seat, and allowing the kids to select what they want on their own. I like it!

  3. Jen says

    I use a Robeez bag in the bathroom to hold medicine cups and syringes , and the Cooshie Booster bag is perfect for sending swim stuff to preschool… and getting wet stuff back.

  4. Jasi says

    Hah! Thomas! That’s exactly what happened to me. I wondered what my flash drive had to do with my under-roos. A sock, perhaps. Mitten fingers, of course. But underpants?

    When I figured out what it was all about, it’s a pretty clever hack. But it does have me wondering about a flash drive cozy now.

  5. Shevvi says

    I use those bags to store the dreaded Polly Pockets and her minute accessories or small pad of paper and pencils, markers, crayons, stickers and stamp pads. Two of these fit perfectly in a kids sized back pack and that way DD can bring her “work” with her when we are out.

  6. Kim says

    We used wipes boxes for everything (those big, blue Pampers ones with a hinged lid)! We decorated the outside of the boxes with stickers, and wrote what was inside with Sharpies.

    They were perfect for loose spare crayons, any tiny toy with lots of pieces (like one teeny Legos set of a race car or something), and especially stickers! My kids got stickers everywhere! In the mail, at the doctor, at birthday parties, from mama almost every time we went to Target…. they had hundreds of stickers each. With these boxes, they knew where to put them right away when we’d get home, and they could pull out their “sticker box” whenever they’d feel artistic and want to make a sticker collage or a card for grandma.

    My kids are 8 and 10 now and we still actually have a couple of those old wipes boxes around!