Swim goggles keeps bathwater out of kids’ eyes

Cathy’s son came up with this hack on his own!

Here’s an hack that has saved me a lot of time and headaches, and it was actually my 4 year old son’s idea. I used to dread giving him a bath because I knew I was going to have to beg, plead and eventually threaten him to get him to let me wash his hair. One night after I used the usual threat of "All right, you put your head in that water and get it wet or no story!", he sat up and said,  "Mom, can I use my swim goggles"? We haven’t had a problem since. He can’t wait to get his face in the water and now washing his hair is kind of fun for both of us.

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  1. says

    This was also a tip on Super Nanny back in February, and it works great with some kids. I’ve heard it doesn’t work so well with kids with long hair, but its certainly worth a shot.

  2. Ashley says

    This reminded me of the hack we use to get our kids to tip their heads back far enough to rinse their hair.

    We have some of those rubber character cut outs that stick to the side of the tub when wet, so we put a few of them way up high at the top of the shower and tell our kids to look at them. Then, while we’re rinsing, we ask them questions about the characters, like what color is so and so? Who is his best friend? etc. They keep their heads tipped back at just the right angle and there is usually very little whining!

  3. says

    One of the products that I want to most evangelize about is this cup for rinsing shampoo. We have no struggle at all around our house on this issue, thanks to this cup that I think cost me $5.


    I also use the cup to pour water on my daughter’s feet and back in a playful way so that she thinks of the rinsing process as fun. I seriously love this cup.