Stroller toys as “undropable” baby entertainment

Eric found another way for his son to play with a magnetic stroller toy:

My six-month-old son has a plush rattle that has a magnetic clasp wrapped in fabric that can easily attach to his car seat or stroller. The other night, we were in an auditorium listening to my daughter's recital. To keep him occupied, I attached the rattle to his little wrist, as a handcuff of sorts. He could swing it around, grasp it with both hands, and even if he "dropped" it, it was still within easy reach of his hand. If I needed to take it off, a gentle tug would unclasp it.


  1. Sarah says

    Does anyone else find these plush magnetic toys really easy to come off? I’ve stopped using them on the stroller or carseat because I’m afraid they’ll drop off and get lost. A disappointing buy.

  2. A nona moose says

    You gave your son a rattle to play with while you were in an auditorium listening to my daughter’s recital ?? I’m sure the rest of the audience — especially the other parents — appreciated the extra noise during the concert.

    Consider hiring a babysitter next time.

  3. Rebecca says

    To Anonymous:
    I used to think the same way as you. Things change when people become parents. Hiring a well-qualified sitter for my daughter could easily cost me $100-200. Speaking for myself, I just don’t have that kind of money to throw around after all the days my daughter was in NICU following her delivery.

    Try compassion and understanding — Not all parents are made of money, whether we like it or not.

  4. Sarah says

    Also, consider all of the events that could use a babysitter, especially with those who have more than 2 kids. Many, many things…
    We have to pick and choose.
    As a piano teacher who holds recitals regularly, there is nothing more understandable than a moderately noisy baby, as long as they aren’t screaming. It’s actually something that I tell my students to expect and to ignore as they perform. As the audience is made up of other parents, the majority of them will be understanding as well.

  5. another piano teacher says

    Ditto to the support of multi-children families! A youngsters recital is the perfect place for babies to be introduced to music performances and for older kids to practice their good manners. This is not the National Symphony Orchestra! Take the babies out when they cry, but keep recitals family friendly, please:)