Store small bath toys in suction cup shower baskets

Suction cup shower basketMichelle’s solution for bath toy storage:

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I find those mesh bags for bath toy storage really annoying. Yes, they let the toys drip dry, but the toys get all caught up in the netting (especially the smaller things, like the foam letters), making it a hassle to reach in and retrieve them before the next bath.

Instead, I got a couple of these plastic caddies that suction to the wall – they have holes in the bottom, so the water drains out nicely, and I put them at a height where it’s easy enough for my boys to reach in and grab whatever toys they want themselves, and easy enough for them to put the toys away when they’re done, too.

And a fun fact I discovered the other day, while cleaning the bathtub and simultaneously trying to keep my two boys (a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old) occupied – taking the bath toys OUT of the bathtub and playing with them on the floor makes them seem like brand-new toys!

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  1. Adela says

    I would love to read about any bath toy storage option that does not include suction cups. I have very bad luck with those on any surface – tile, glas, etc. Now I store my toys in a plastic caddy outside the tub (not ideal).

  2. Louise says

    We bought a plastic bathroom garbage can and drilled numerous holes in the bottom – Voila! Instant storage you can keep it in the tub or shower to drain between baths.

  3. Tina says

    I use a plastic colander to hold all the bath toys. My bathroom has very little storage, so I put up a “hotel style” towel rack (the kind that has a shelf on top) and I keep the colander up there.

  4. weedragon says

    I have a little plastic caddy that looks much like the one in the picture except it has a molded plastic hook at the top. I used to use it to store my bath supplies in it and it might be a good option if you have no luck with suction cups. You could hang it off of the the temperature knobs so it was the right height. :) They sell them at walmart and kmart I think.

  5. Rebecca says

    I put the kids bath toys in a white plastic handle bag that I bought cheap sand toys in from the grocery store. I too have had bad luck with suction cups, so I have a bar built into the bath/shower and I used one of those plastic chain links to attach it to the bar, and voila! a drippable bath toy holder!

  6. says

    We have an old claw-foot tub with a few inches between it’s end and the wall. I found a small, narrow chrome cart at Target when we first moved into our apartment. It has three wire shelves with high sides, and we use the bottom two shelves for bath toys, and the boys know they can take them and put them back by themselves. (The top shelf holds shampoo & conditioner.)

    I try to keep a bathmat underneath that part of the floor to catch any drips.

  7. Pinkdove says

    Try a open weve laundry basket with a few holes in the bottom where the water collects. It can be left in the tub to drain.