22 June 2007

Reuse infant incline pillow when your toddler has a stuffy nose

Safe Lift Crib WedgeKris found a good use for her baby's old crib wedge:

When my son was an infant he had a major spitup problem, so we bought one of those foam incline pillows for the crib (they go under the sheet), which seemed to help. He's now 13 months and outgrew his reflux days (thankfully) long ago and so several months ago I had removed the pillow and put it in storage. Just last week he came down with a terrible cold and sleeping (and breathing!) was such a struggle for him. I scavenged through the storage closet in the middle of the night and dug up the incline pillow, which seemed to offer him some temporary relief. I was thrilled to be able to get more use out of it!

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This is an excellent idea.

Have a great weekend.

I used to use a volume of the Illinois Revised Statutes (about 3.5 inches thick) under the mattress for this purpose. It was an odd thing to have in the nursery closet, though.

We put books under the legs on one side of the crib. Hard to tell how much it helps, but it makes us feel like we're helping.

I do the same with my "bump" wedge as one of my twins has allergies and gets distressed when her nose is blocked. I also repurposed my body pillow into a floor pillow for my babies to recline on whilst having their evening bottle.It works like a giant Boppy with room for mum (mom) or dad!
A rolled towel also acheives the same result- and doesn't look so odd in the nursery closet.

Great info Asha,

For babies good sleep use flannel sheets or place a warm towel on the sheets to warm them, and remove it before placing baby on the warmed sheets.

We do the same with a spare pillow stuffed under the top of her mattress.

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