Brush toddlers’ teeth with two toothbrushes

Here’s how Becky avoids toothbrushing battles: I use two toothbrushes.  One I give to my son so he can brush his teeth while I take the other one and brush his teeth at the same time.  I used to let him brush his teeth first and then take the toothbrush and brush his teeth myself.  […]

Swim goggles keeps bathwater out of kids’ eyes

Cathy’s son came up with this hack on his own! Here’s an hack that has saved me a lot of time and headaches, and it was actually my 4 year old son’s idea. I used to dread giving him a bath because I knew I was going to have to beg, plead and eventually threaten […]

Use Lunapads postpartum to save money and resources

Lunapads are washable, reusable menstrual products — the feminine hygiene equivalent of cloth diapers. I've had several friends tell me how wonderful they are in terms of comfort and value, and then Kelly wrote in saying how useful they'd be postpartum. In case you've forgotten, after the baby's born, one must contend with a several-week […]

links for 2007-06-23

CFO: Chief Family Officer: What to do With Those Digital Photo Proofs: Make Personalized Cards Great idea! Those contact sheets are good for locket pictures, too. (tags: parenthacks crafts photography) Plotting the baby learning curve Interesting research on infant learning. (tags: infants babies) Intelligent Travel: Family Friendly Be sure to check out the Family Friendly […]

Use a dimmer switch in the nursery

Rachel shares her love of light dimmers (a love I share): In our attempt to decorate the nursery on a budget, I kept fussing over the lamp decision.  No lamp under $40 looked appropriate for a nursery.  Finally, my father-in-law suggested we add a dimmer switch to our overhead light.  It was super-easy and cheap […]

links for 2007-06-22

The Buck Stops Here: Pill Bottle Tip Smart way to keep track of how much medication SHOULD be in the bottle. Thanks, Stuart. (tags: parenthacks safety health kids) Teach your kids to clean their own rooms » Curbly Great how-to from badbadivy. (tags: parenthacks kids cleaning)