Pacifier clip as bagel holder

Pacifier keeper keeps bagel nearbyA Parent Hack if I ever saw one, from Melanie:

Our daughter never took to the idea of pacifiers but we tried all sorts of them and also acquired an assortment of clips for them.  She is 9 months old now and we now use the clips for bagels when out and about.  She likes gnawing on bagels but drops them on floor.

Here is a picture of Rose at Costco with a Trader Joe's mini bagel and a MAM pacifier keeper.  I just stuff the flexible ring through the center hole and clip it on.


  1. none says

    I can’t believe someone else has done this! I used to use the plastic bands that were meant to hold toys onto a stroller or carseat to hook bagels onto the grocery cart. It made grocery shopping much easier!

  2. Grace says

    Great idea!

    I’m shocked that is a “mini” bagel. That’s a normal portion for an adult!

  3. Ann at mommysecrets says

    That’s hysterical! I think I’ll also use your trick for teething rings and other round toys. What a great way for mom to win the ‘dropsy’ game!

  4. rachel says

    this works great for so many things, i used this method for my son, i used to attach his favorite toy to it, ya know, the one they always drop on the dirtiest spot of the dept store floor?lol, works great