Make your own spill-proof cup

Amazon: Fiskars 12-23518897 Hand Punch, 1/8-Inch, CircleJessica's quick thinking probably saved her serious car and clothing cleanup:

If you buy those single serving plastic drink bottles (Odwalla, for example), use a pocket knife to punch a hole in the lid, insert a straw, and you have an instant spill-resistant drink container.

If you don't carry a pocket knife or other handy hole-puncher, take a lid home, punch it there, then carry it around with you for next time.

Sticking a straw through the hole in a to-go coffee cup lid also works well to prevent spilled drinks.

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    Be careful reusing plastic containers that are not designed for it. They are not designed to be sterile and can be germ factories. Its really not a good thing to reuse them, though all of us do it every once in a while.