Let toddlers pour beverages over the open dishwasher door

Rebecca prefaced this hack with, "I swear someone must have already sent this in, but just in case…" Yet again, a tip one parent figures everyone else knows and I find myself slapping my forehead at her brilliance!

When kidlets want to pour their own milk or juice at our house but cannot be trusted not to spill, we open up the dishwasher and let her use the flat door surface as a table to pour on..  If she spills, no big deal, it can just be closed and the next time I run the dishwasher, it is cleaned up for me.  Another benefit is that it is the right height for the kidlet, so they have an easier time balancing the milk or juice container over the cup.


  1. Marjorie says

    I also use my dishwasher door for spraying pans with nonstick spray — just rest the pan on the door, spray like crazy, and all that slimy extra stuff just goes on the door instead of all over your kitchen sink.

  2. Shelley says

    When learning to pour we also have bought the small clear Dixie cups and somewhere in the middle we draw on a “fill” line. The concept is, the child can then fill the cup to the line thus hoping to prevent those overflows.

  3. alabamabrands says

    What a GREAT IDEA!!!
    We had a big brother banned from pouring for himself and had to endure little sister pouring for him (is that humbling?)
    He always seemed to rest the top of the milk jug on the cup and tip the cup over. You hint takes care of the mess and the original problem- not being tall enough.

    Great hint!! I never would’ve thought of using the dishwasher door for anything!

  4. Barb says

    This is a GREAT hack!! My 5 year old often spills, but I think it’s because she gets help pouring from her 2 year old brother. ;) I will now tell her to do it on the dishwasher door! Thanks so much!!

  5. kenneth says

    umm….aren’t there dangerous things in the dishwasher, like knives?!? and breakable dishes? Seems like a bad idea to me.

  6. michelle says

    I’m with Kenneth! Add the gunky dishwasher powder that sometimes sticks in the dispenser along with the food splashes that gather on the inside of the door as we fill it.

  7. Krista says

    I think Rebecca has shown us an excellent way to teach her kids a wonderful independance! Thank you for the tip!

  8. derekpm says

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