Divided formula dispenser as snack cup

51Uksmibmzl. Aa280 Jen found a great way to reuse her formula dispenser:

Formula dispensers are great for single servings of formula on the go, but once my daughter started drinking regular milk, I found myself with another baby gadget that didn't really have a purpose.  Then I realized that it was the perfect size to put several servings of those smooshable snacks, (and other small ones), like goldfish crackers, raisins, cheerios, etc.  Each container has a different type so you can dole out a handful of whatever is suiting your toddler's desires at that moment, (because we all know how picky they can get).  You can toss it in your diaper bag or purse or even leave it in the car.


Formula dispenser simplifies feeding baby on the road
Homemade no-spill snack box


  1. Kim says

    I did this for a while! Once my son started wanting to get the snacks out himself though, he ended up dumping them all over his lap. So eventually we moved to the snackster bowls from Gerber. It worked for a month or two though.

  2. ingrid says

    Oh, this reminds me: we use our old Avent bottle warmer to warm up the bottle of maple syrup on the days we have pancakes.

  3. Beth/Mom2TwoVikings says

    Since I only supplemented my nursing early on, I only had 3-4 small bottles in the house. When the kids were too big to need them anymore, instead of throwing them out, they’ve become “snack traps” for us as well!

  4. Bob says

    That’s really useful. The 4 in 1 container is really great in saving storage space and avoiding problems regarding scattered containers.

  5. Danni says

    I’ve been using those formula dispensers for quite some time now and they have proven to be useful in every way, especially with space conservation.