27 June 2007

Crayola Bath Tub Tints teach color theory

Sara's back with bath hacks!

Inspired by this really neat set of photos I ran across on flickr, I got my daughter some of the Crayola Bath Tub Tints -- just drop a pellet into your bath and you get neat colored water to take your bath in.  My husband, however, came up with the hack:  Diffuse the pellets in a glass of water, and let your child pour them into the bath.  Not hack-ish enough for you?  How about putting a light colored pellet in the bath and pouring a darker color into the bath from the cup.  My daughter -- who isn't even two yet -- get that yellow and blue make green, and is working on purple and orange, too.  I can't think of a more fun way to teach color theory.

(Being the slacker mom that I am, I can also reassure you that washing hair with the colored water does not pose any problem, at least in my daughter's dark blonde hair.)


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Can you link to the "really neat set of photos [you] ran across on flickr"?

I'd like to know what this product is made of and if it's safe/healthy.

We do similar things with regular old food coloring. My boys (3 year old twins) ask for a color, and I check the formula on the box to make a small cup of the requested color. They LOVE doing this!

This is not color theory!!
This is color mixing!!
Color theory created by Josef Albers, My Great Uncle, Is studying how we perscieve one color when it is placed beside other colors, or how a color visibly changes next to others.

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