Clothespin keeps onesie flaps from dropping into the toilet

Barbara shares a "very tiny" hack that solves a very big problem:

Here is a very tiny hack: My two-year old son wants to sit on the toilet a lot and he still wears those onesies that button between the legs. But on the toilet the flaps tend to hang down and get involved in the business more than I want to. My hack is a clothespin that I keep handy right next to the toilet and use to pin the flap up to his sweater.


  1. hedra says

    We don’t tend to layer those shirts much (the youngest two pretty much refused to wear them by about a year old), but for the older ones and for standing diaper changes, I did what I remember my mom doing when it is ‘just that shirt that snaps at the crotch’ (not multiple layers) – pull the bottom flaps up and snap the crotch part over one shoulder. It only takes one snap closed to keep it out of the way.

  2. adrienne says

    Thanks guys, you saved me at least one change of clothing and about a thousand headaches when we start potty training.

  3. Ruth says

    D’oh! This sounds so obvious, but is such a great idea. Timely, as we’ve just started potty training #2.

  4. Pinkdove says

    I raised 4 boys and two girls. It was easy to train them by letting them sit on the seat facing the wall. They could hold on to the seat lid and not feel they were going to fall. I also had a plastic seat insert and that worked well also.. Hope this helps..