Stroller toys as “undropable” baby entertainment

Eric found another way for his son to play with a magnetic stroller toy: My six-month-old son has a plush rattle that has a magnetic clasp wrapped in fabric that can easily attach to his car seat or stroller. The other night, we were in an auditorium listening to my daughter's recital. To keep him […]

Cut broom handles down for toddlers

From uber-Parenthackers Sara and Ben: I was looking for a child size broom for J, but not having a lot of luck finding one that was affordable.  Ben went to the grocery store, bought a cheap wisk broom with a wooden handle, cut it off at about J.'s height, and reattached the plastic topper (you […]

links for 2007-06-29

FDA News Release: Veggie Booty Recall Possible salmonella! Thanks for passing this on, Tim. (tags: parenthacks kids snacks feeding recalls health)

Kid reluctant to eat? Add sprinkles!

Jenny Blackburn, author of the Adventures in Parenting blog at the Seattle P-I website, shares her picky kid secret: We've finally happened onto the perfect solution to get our 3 year old son to eat… I keep a bottle of sprinkles — the kind you put on sugar cookies– and let him shake some on […]

Where to stick the alphabet magnets with a stainless steel refrigerator?

Whitney's tip: For those who have magnetic letters or other magnets, but have a stainless steel fridge to which no magnets stick, use the magnets on your washer/dryer, trash can, or oven, depending on if these things have exposed sides in a safe place in your house.  (They work great there at my house.) [I […]

Uses for clothespins

Paul says: Use spring clothespins to close up any bag you like (chips, cereal, etc.) Right! Why do we spend money on big plastic "chip clips" than never stay closed? We've used wooden clothespins for some cute craft projects. Amber turned them into a homemade finger puppet stand. I'm sure there are a million other […]

Crayola Bath Tub Tints teach color theory

Sara’s back with bath hacks! Inspired by this really neat set of photos I ran across on flickr, I got my daughter some of the Crayola Bath Tub Tints — just drop a pellet into your bath and you get neat colored water to take your bath in.  My husband, however, came up with the […]

Buy different sock brands for siblings

Traci laments the curse of matching socks: This seems silly (do most hacks start with those three words?) [Indeed, many do! Also: "I'm sure everyone already does this, but…" — Ed.] but when you have more than one kid — and they are the same sex and close in age range (my two sons are […]