Tips for helping kids play Internet games

Here's how Toni made it easier for her kids to play games on the Web:

My children (ages 2 1/2 & 5) have started using the computer more since Grandma gave us an extra but sometimes they have a little trouble navigating programs on their own.  I've come up with a few ideas to help them access & play their favorite activities.

First, most keyboards nowadays have at least a few buttons into which you can pre-program certain actions.  This was helpful to a point.  Now I've created a simple web page with some mommy-approved links and set it as their homepage.

Second, some of the games use special keys for actions instead of the mouse.  This is confusing to my youngest.  We put color-coded dot stickers (removable) on the specific keys (ie green means go forward, red means stop) and now he can play without help.

Finally, we eventually purchased a trackball mouse for its ergonomic design and drag lock feature but prior to that were using a laptop mouse because its smaller size made it ideal for little hands.


  1. MN Web Design says

    Wow, what a great idea (the color-coded dots)! I will have to try that with my little ones. Thanks!!!

  2. Grendel says

    Interesting workaround, but you lost me at the point where it says that a 2 1/2 year old should play computer games at all…?

  3. Bob says

    I like the idea on color coded stickers. Using the mouse could be hard for children to control and could even be a distraction in their part.

  4. Carrie says

    Great idea on using the laptop mouse. I always have troubles in navigating using the laptop mouse. I think it’s also the same with kids navigating a regular mouse