Strawberry basket as bubble blower

It's strawberry AND bubble season! From Serrina:

New hack, courtesy of Pat in my office. Pat just gave me a bunch of old green strawberry baskets. Dip them into a plate of bubble solution and swing them in the air for a homemade HUGE bubble machine!


  1. Jen says

    We did this recently at my son’s 5th birthday. Better yet, hold the baskets in front of an electric fan. Just take precautions that fingers don’t go in the wrong places!

  2. ChristieNY says

    Isn’t this great?

    My 3 year old son’s favorite bubble trick at the moment is to dip a .99 neon orange fly swatter (that I picked up just for bubbles), dip it in bubble solution and then twirl in a circle or fan the swatter side-to-side.

    This produces hundreds of assorted sized bubbles instantly! :)

  3. Mario Palmentieri says

    If you want a bunch of bubbles at one time, try using a long handle (with handle bent into a “L” shape) fishing net – the bigger the net, the bigger the bubbles. We always make our bubble solution and place it an a plastic “baby pool.”