Send your used toys to children in Iraq

For the latest information about how to send toys to Iraq, please see the original post.

Longtime readers will recall our ongoing support for Edmay's toy drive in Iraq, and the amazing response from Parenthackers and friends. Here, for new readers, is a roundup of links detailing Edmay's story. Let's clear out the toy chests and closets and surprise Edmay with a new load of packages! Post about Edmay on your blog, organize a toy drive at your child's school, or just tell a friend. You can change the world! — Asha

In October 2006, Parent Hacks was the lucky recipient of an email from Edmay Mayers — a grandmother stationed in Iraq with the US Army Corps of Engineers. She wrote to us in response to a discussion about where to donate one's extra stuffed animals — turns out she had been spending her own money to buy small toys and treats for the children she was meeting in the orphanages and on the streets of Iraq.

Parent Hacks posted her story, and encouraged friends and readers to spread the word:

The result: Edmay has received hundreds of boxes of toys, gifts, and supplies from all over the world.

You can request a free postal supply kit from the Postal Service to package your donation.


  1. Louise says

    I sent two big boxes about two weeks ago. This time I included some baby/infant stuffed toys–i.e., things that didn’t have button eyes or other choke-y stuff. I’m hoping these toys can be given to moms with young babies. If not, older kids would probably enjoy them, too.

  2. Edmay says

    Yes we received the boxes you are referring to — thank you — all are given out to the children and moms and dads — you would not believe the smiles that these little gifts bring to the faces of these people. They are so grateful it will bring one to tears. It has brought many of our soldiers to tears while they are giving the toys out – how precious both gifts are – the ones to the children and the ones to our soldiers. Thanks so much for your kindness. /Edmay

  3. rose says

    Are we talking small Beanine Baby sized stuffed animals? My scout troop wants to help, but they’re aware of cultural differences and while collectively they have a room full of Polly Pockets we’re not sure Polly and her plastic panties would translate well.

  4. Donna Ward says

    My name is Donna Ward and we have an ongoing program where we need toys for the children of Iraq. Edmay Mayers contacted me about her deployment and ask if we would like to be a contact and the answer is a big yes. We are mailing at this time to 5 units and welcome your help for these soldiers and the children.

    We have been going since 2003 and the first two soldiers that originally started the program are there now and we continue to work with one after another.

    Please check it out and please direct your donations to these units. I really appreciate all that Edmay Mayers has already did and thank her for letting us know of her situation and request for new contacts.

    God Bless,
    Donna for LTC James Barker of

  5. Edmay says

    Okay, Asha, here we go — I have been approached by a co-worker who has just extended for another year. He wants to take over this program here at GRS near Nasiriyah, Iraq. So, while I am in no way telling you not to send boxes to Donna because she was truly saving me – I am telling all that you can still send them to us here at LSA Adder, Iraq. If you would like to continue sending them here and helping these children in Nasiriyah please mail them to:
    Michael Fellenz
    APO AE 09331
    Natalie Sudman
    APO AE 09331

    They will keep you informed of all events as I use to. Thanks to all God bless each and every one of you for your generosity and good will – a very special thanks to Mr. Fellenz and Ms. Sudman for continuing this mission. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. /Edmay

  6. Kimberly says

    Thanks so much for the updated info. My 4 year old has WAY too many stuffed animals, many with the tags still on. She just put on her big-girl panties and decided to get rid of about half of the ones cluttering up the family room (a trash bag full) and we were looking for a worthy cause to donate them to. I’m thrilled to hear that the project is ON!!! Heck, we have enough to send them to both places!!