Shoe organizer in the coat closet keeps gloves and accessories within reach

Tracy’s hack works just as well for warm weather accessories: sunglasses, caps, swim goggles…

How to keep gloves, scarves, hats, dog leashes easy to find? Hang a shoe organizer on the inside of your coat closet door. Assign a row to each family member based on their height to make items easy to reach for younger children. You can use The Amazing Sharpie to label pockets so you always know where to find smaller items. I really like the Michael Graves shoe organizer at Target. It has 20 pockets and stretches from the top to the bottom of the door so it doesn’t swing when you open the door. [I couldn’t find that product at I wonder if it has been discontinued? — Ed.]

Store kids’ shoes and socks in the coat closet
Over-the-door shoe organizer as small toy collector


  1. Monica says

    I use one of these in the linen closet for extra tubes of toothpaste, bottles of lotion, etc. that I’ve gotten on sale. I also keep all the little bottles and tubes that I needed to get up and out of reach of little hands in the high pockets. Mine has clear pockets and it came from Target, too.

  2. hedra says

    We use one of these to organize ‘things that need to go out the door’ – stuff to go to my mom’s, my in-law’s, my dad’s, the car, the picnic table…

    We visit family regularly, and always seem to forget that magazine we’d promised to bring, or the toy part that accidentally came home with us, etc. Not quite so much an issue now that I can stuff the ‘Baba’ one with the kids-shirts she’s promised to de-stain (she’s MAGIC on that), and the already-read newsmagazines we pass on, and a wandering ‘gear’ from a gears-gears-gears set.

    Sunscreen and bug spray, also there.

    We got that one from IKEA, and it has different-sized pockets. It hangs next to the kitchen door. We also use one for organizing magazines, circulars, coupons, and other ‘to read/to mess with’ mail/newspaper items, and another of them to organize all-weather ‘expedition’ gear (totebags, umbrellas, slings, emergency diaper kits, and other things that we need when we’re going to go out for an extended time with all four kids).

    Feeling rather sheepish for not having sent that one in sooner, LOL! We sooooo love those things!

  3. says

    We have three–one in the laundry room for misc junk, one for wallets/keys/coupons/other stuff to go out the door like hedra, and one in the linen closet like Monica. Got the tip from Real Simple (which is really neither) a couple of years ago, and it’s been a lifesaver. I’ve been thinking about getting another for small toys …..

  4. daisy says

    so brilliant! i’m bummed i didn’t think of this on my own. I got one this weekend and have it in my son’s room where it’s holding, yes, shoes.

    it’s canvas and was about $14 at lowe’s. they also had a plastic one that cost less.

  5. Sacha Gilbert says

    We’ve been using this shoe pouch system for years. in the front hall closet, its use matches the season (scarves and mittens or sunglasses and sunscreen) and in the kids’ room, it’s for socks. In the playroom, it’s on the back of the door to the TV closet and holds all the little collections — little plastic dinos, dress-up princess rings. For us, the real key to the hack is the clear pouches. The kids can spot what they need. I live in Portland, Oregon and was able to find them two at a time at Fred Meyer. We installed all of ours with screw-in coat hooks in the top hanging grommets instead of the overdoor brackets.

  6. Laura Jacoby says

    I use mine to keep my daughter’s tights and leggings organized. She loves to wear patterned tights and it lets me keep them all separate and easy for her to find when dressing, rather than bunched up in a drawer.