Protect your floors with birthday party tablecloths

Latia's found a use for those throwaway birthday party tablecloths:

I save the thin, cheap, plastic character tablecloths from my kid's birthday party to protect the floor and other areas.
I cut one tablecloth into three different sizes: one to put beneath the high chair, and two to save and put beneath craft tables and art easels.

While the cloth can't keep things from falling to the floor, it does help keep little pieces, like rice, from sticking to the carpet and prevents things spaghetti stains and what not. It also protects carpet and floors from dried play dough and paint.

The best part? Wipe-down clean. Woot woot for saving carpets, floors, and money!

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  1. Adrienne says

    We use old shower curtain liners to do the same thing. You can throw them in the washer with some baking soda (no detergent though) and they’re all fresh and shiny again.