Print your own “screen time” tickets

Screen time tickets

Prompted by Mel's ticket-for-TV-time hack, John of Flagrant Disregard, fd's Flickr Toys, and LetterPop fame designed these lovely tickets. Even better, he's made them available for download and printing! Awesome.


  1. Pam says

    Oh, awesome. I am planning a “Chores for Screen Time” bartering program this summer for my 11-year-old, and these will be perfect.

  2. Dawn says

    I bought a roll of raffle tickets from Office Depot (2000 tickets for $4) and use those for TV time for our 4 year old son. Each ticket is worth 15 minutes. When my daughter gets up old enough to use the tickets, we’ll get another roll in a different color We recycle them each night, and since we have so many, I’m getting my friends hooked on this idea and sharing our supply and this great hack!