Preview family movies without sitting through (or paying for) them twice

Just in time for the summer movie season, inconsequentia's hack for checking out movies before taking the kiddies:

We've long been looking for a way to check out some aspects of certain films before deciding whether to take the children to see them.  We could screen them first, but then it was either a waste of money or a snoozefest for us to see the movie again.  We could rely on others' reviews but we are sort of quirky and non-mainstream and that applies to our taste in films too.

We've tried a couple of sites that try to review movies for children but have never been happy. We recently found / and have been so happy with the way they separate the ratings and allow you to read on for specific examples.  And let's face it — knowing ahead of time which character uses the word "stupid" doesn't really spoil the movie for us! ;)

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  1. Annette says

    What a great website! I am getting ready to welcome my first child and I am of the philosophy that children are exposed to enough filth in the world and don’t need to be entertained by it. Thank you!

  2. Whitney says

    There’s also a great site called
    We use it not only for our kids, but so we don’t end up watching trashy movies. It’s pretty unbiased, but gives you all the details, from how many of each swear word is used to immitative behavior, etc..

  3. jacqueline says

    There’s also that has a christian perspective on the movie, and includes a section on any “spiritual” content (how god, prayer etc is treated in the movie). They also review music. Sometimes spoilers happen, but sometimes you want to know what’s coming.

  4. nori hadley says

    hi there…thanks for the good ideas. we really like for fair reviews of current movies, books, TV shows, games, and music. the site doesn’t encourage censorship, it instead urges parents to be informed consumers. we really like it, and have found the reviews EXTREMELY helpful.