Plastic clothes hangers prevent door slamming

More low-tech babyproofing, this time from Erika:

Our kids – 3yrs and 16 months – love to slam and close doors. This often was resulting in pinching, banging and little ones locked in rooms they didn't want to be in. While we try to stop this a lot of times, it's not always preventable, so we figured out that if you put a plastic clothes hanger over the corner of your door, PRESTO, the kids can't close the door all the way but still have the satisfaction of closing it enough.

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  1. Jordan says

    A famous one that I’ve heard before is putting a towel over the door. I suppose you have to make sure it doesn’t hang low enough for the child to pull it down.

    Of course, this lacks the satisfying door slamming sound, and I’d worry about the towel falling off. (Duct tape?)

  2. Mark Woodgate says

    I saw a great version of this visiting my local chinese take-away.

    The owner had screwed a rubber door stop to the frame, and turned it into the gap to prevent slamming. to close it he simply turned it out of the way.

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