Parent hacks admin: Digging out, and profiled in Canadian newsweekly Macleans

Well, folks, I’ve learned two tough lessons this week:

1. I’m a fish out of water without my laptop and connectivity. In other words, I’m a pathetic Internet addict.

The latter is more embarrassing given how dependent I am on the former. But I’m almost all of the way back (thank you, dear husband Rael) except for a rat’s nest of an inbox. All the messages are here, but my email filing system — the thing that holds my hacks queue — is totally messed up, so it’ll take me a couple more days to get back on my feet.

I’d like to thank all of you who wrote in with sympathy and offers of help (including the president of Geek Squad). I expect to be back to my regular posting schedule next week. I also intend to streamline the hack submission process and my own internal organization to prevent this from happening again. I’ve needed to do this for some time — perhaps this is the world giving me a nudge. More details soon.

In the meantime, some exciting news — Parent Hacks just been written up in Macleans, Canada’s largest newsweekly. If you’re here via there, welcome! Have a look around the archives and make yourselves at home.

Thanks all of you for your patience — more hacks are on their way soon! Have a wonderful holiday weekend, if you’re celebrating. When I’m not banging away at my computer, I’ll be out in the garden, wrestling with my kids for the first of the strawberries. Summer can’t come soon enough.


  1. Mom says

    You have certainly made your Mom (and Dad) very proud. What a great article. You have also taught me something: back up my computer!

  2. says


    So sorry about your data. As someone who has to backup my organization’s data with big expensive servers (and stuff) I get chills about computer mishaps. In short, I feel your pain.

    On the other hand, I am terrible at backing up my own data. What can I same, I’m an enigma wrapped in a something or other; well, I’m at least terrible with movie quotes. You know you are hitting the right audience when Presidents and C*O’s come out of the woodwork to help you. Keep it up.

    Congrats on Macleans from Adrienne and I. Parent Hacks has been a wonderful community and refuge to fall into and depend on and we can only hope that more of the world finds out how wonderful it and you are.

    Take care. Enjoy your kids, the computer stuff will usually sort itself out in one way or another.

  3. says

    love your site, very happy for you that you were written up in Macleans! Good for you!

    I second the SuperDuper recommend, I use it and it’s great. Which reminds me… I should go backup! :)