Momergency kit: What would you pack?

Lifehacker tipped me off to the Momergency Kit: a bag of goodies intended to deal with the inevitable broken purse strap or slow-moving line. Several Parenthacker favorites appear in the kit: a Sharpie, a carabiner, hand sanitizer, Ziploc bags. What would you pack in your version of a Momergency Kit?

Via Toy Box: Toy storage they won’t outgrow

Just yesterday, a company I'd never heard of, Via Toy Box, booked a small ad on Parent Hacks (see it right there in the right-hand sidebar?). I always visit potential advertisers before I accept their ads, and I was immediately smitten with this product (and they're based in my hometown!). Simple, well-built, beautiful, modular storage […]

Goldfish crackers make vegie soup toddler-friendly


nducho’s son likes his vegies with a little fish: My super picky son’s vegetable consumption starts and ends with oven-baked potatoes and spinach.  [Spinach? That’s pretty good! — Ed.] Last week, I made a soup (cooked split peas, carrots, potatoes in vegetable broth; pureed the whole thing).  Then I served the soup with some goldfish […]

links for 2007-05-22

Ask Moxie: The (Hypothetical) Dangerous Book For Girls Have I mentioned that I'm in love with Moxie? (tags: parenting) Jumping Monkeys: Squeeze the life out of old markers We've all got 'em! (tags: kids)

Keeping little fingers safe from closing car windows

It's all too easy to absent-mindedly close the rear car windows without first doing a finger-check. Hence Tim's wise advice: With the spring weather, our three year old daughter has taken to having her car window open.  When trying to close the window using the power window button, I worry she might put her hand(s) […]