Newborn diapers: more economical than doll diapers

For all the little parents-in-training, from Amanda:

If your kid wants doll diapers (6 for $5 at Target), buy a 40-pack of newborn diapers for just a dollar more. They fit stuffed animals and baby dolls just fine (and are reclosable, no less!)


  1. Jordan says

    In the hospital where I delivered, they made ice packs out of newborn diapers: cut a slit in the back, fill with ice. The ice is well-contained and as it melts, the diaper absorbs the water.

  2. Moster Mysko says

    Preemie diapers are even better. They fit a 17” doll perfectly, and are much much cheaper than doll’s diapers. I don’t know about the US, but here in Sweden you can get them in any farmacy.

    (It works the other way around too. My daughter had some Baby Born clothes when she first came home from hospital — my mother wanted to buy her something, but couldn’t find preemie clothes where she lived. Not an ideal solution though, seams and buttons in dolls clothes are often a bit too rough for delicate preemie skin)

  3. Tess says

    Just to add a note – preemie diapers ARE available in the US, although I don’t know if every store carries them.

    (And although my son never wore doll clothes – although they would have fit him! – we did put a onesie on a teddy bear after he outgrew it. It is amazing now that he’s four to hold that bear and think, wow, he was about this tiny once.) :D