Momergency kit: What would you pack?

Lifehacker tipped me off to the Momergency Kit: a bag of goodies intended to deal with the inevitable broken purse strap or slow-moving line. Several Parenthacker favorites appear in the kit: a Sharpie, a carabiner, hand sanitizer, Ziploc bags.

What would you pack in your version of a Momergency Kit?


  1. hismoose says

    I always had something to keep the kids busy in my bag. When they were little it was small toy. Later it was a tiny pad and four crayons. Right now with kids under 10, I carry a small slider tile puzzle; mini-deck of cards; that small pad and a pencil; plus string (we’re big cats’ cradle fans). The rest has changed with TSA rules (I fly a lot). I used to carry a tiny pocket knife, several safety pins, needle and thread, and a couple of other emergency supplies in an antique lipstick case. Can’t do that any more…

  2. says

    Can’t you fix anything with duct tape and WD-40? I find a handful of plastic animals, small ones, are wonderful entertainment.

  3. says

    -Leatherman Micra (ditch the bulky scissors while gaining very good tweezers):

    -A small lip balm jar filled with Aquaphor (good for lip balm, minor cuts/burns/abrasions)
    -Small roll of sticky tape.
    -Bug spray
    -Some fishing line

    I would ditch the balloon with toddlers and infants (serious choking hazard).

    I cannot wrap my mind around why anyone would need googly eyes when out and about- especially without adhesive.

  4. hedra says

    mainly we do the same type of stuff with the usual contents of my purse:

    *multi-tool w/scissors
    *keys (with whistle and sometimes a light if someone hasn’t busted it)
    *’brain’ (palm pilot) with drawing function or games (DH has games on his that have a kiddie-lockout function, have to load that on mine…)
    *scrap paper and pen (or postit pad – hours of fun with those, and I can spot my DH’s car from a distance by the sticky-notes stuck to the inside of the kids windows)
    *mini carabiner (current one has a light, too)
    *lip balm
    *Whatever toy/rock/stick I was asked to carry yesterday and forgot to give back.

    I’d put duct tape in there if it weren’t so heavy. I also keep a bunch more stuff in my car, including a sling (they can be used to tie things together when needed), bungee cords, nitrile(?) gloves (the blue ones), wipes, flashlight, etc, etc.

  5. says

    You gotta have some sort of snack for the kiddos too. I keep a little container of cheerios in my bag at all times.

    I also always have tissues, band-aids, nail file, pen & paper, small toy, plastic bag (for dirty diapers, wet clothes, trash, etc.), shout wipes, hand wipes, and lotion.

  6. Amanda M. says

    *crackers or other small snack
    *small trash bag
    *small bottle of water
    *rubber bands
    *ink pen/mini pad
    *$2.00 petty cash

  7. says

    I second Latia’s list, but would add an empty sippy cup to use as a martini shaker.

    Then follow the directions on the Advil: take two and keep away from small children.

  8. hedra says

    Oh, Kate, you made me totally bust up. Yeah, keep away from small children, that’d help! Bwahahahahaha. (I’d hide, but they’d find me, especially when both of the twins are helping each other look… LOL!)

    Okay, so I don’t actually hide from them… yet. ;)

  9. Kitwench says

    I carry Duct tape !
    Don’t bring the roll, small or otherwise – just peel off about 3ft and fold/roll it – just as it was on the roll, minus the weight and the inner tube.
    Works out to a small flat object thinner than a pack of gum.

  10. says

    Must haves:

    You cannot know what allergies your child might have. Be prepared.

    You only have seconds to react. These items should never be more than 1 room away from your children and each provider should know when and how to administer these lifesaving medications.

    Benadryl = you will no know until it is too late if you don’t have it.

    Epi-pin = if the Benadryl doesn’t work, this should:

    read up on


  11. ashlye says

    I make a mini first-aid kit out of an empty pill bottle from the pharmacy. You can ask for a large diameter bottle that isn’t too tall (maybe 3″ tall) and 9 times out of 10 they will either put your medication in that bottle for you or give you a free bottle. My kit is stocked full of band-aids of various sizes, sample packets of neosporin, bacitracin. Alcohol wipes, hand sanitizing wipes, small pair of tweezers, sterilized needle, butterfly bandages, a tiny ziploc bag with 2 benadryl tablets, dental floss, etc. Just put the things in that you think you might need. This fits neatly in the diaper bag and keeps all the necessities clean, dry and sanitary. Because the bottle is child-proof, it isn’t quite the worry if the little one pulls it out of the diaper bag, although you still need to supervise your child extremely carefully if he is playing with the bottle.