Meta-scrapbooking: Save pictures of your kids doing art projects

Katharine’s hack is space-saving and wise:

My 7 month-old son is in daycare and they have been sending home a few little arts and crafts things as of late. I love to scrapbook and make commemorative things for my son (and I lost everything from my own childhood in a devastating fire when I was young).

I walked into daycare last night and all over were the drawing and craft projects that our children has made – but with a twist. They took pictures of the children making the crafts. There are pictures of Alexander with paint all over his piggies and happy as can be. I thought what a great hack – make those crafts but instead of feeling like you have to “save” every craft – take fun pictures of them making the crafts and of the craft itself so it’s much easier to scrapbook and save. This might be something all of you are already doing – but it just hit me as so practical and cute and if you ever have a fire or flood (like my dad in New Orleans who lost everything) you’ve got digital pictures and CD’s of all the fun and memories.


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    I have been scanning all of my son’s artwork. We put one or two things up on the bulletin board at a time but I scan the rest. That way I don’t feel bad throwing things away. :) When I put the photos in the scrapbook I print them out as a contact sheet (makes a lot of tiny photos on one page) and then cut them out so they look like mini versions of the real thing.

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    Wow! I love the idea of capturing the creative process with a video camera. You also gave me the idea of interviewing my kids on camera about their art.

    Stephanie, your envelope idea is awesome, thanks for sharing the template! I wrote an article about how to properly store kids art (I’m an archivist by trade).
    But since no one has room to keep *everything* kids create, I suggested other uses for the leftovers instead of just tossing them in the trash. Wrapping paper was my favorite, but I think I might like the envelope idea better.

    How to Conquer the Clutter of Kids Art…Even if You Can’t Bear to Throw Anything Out!

    I might actually get the video project done this Memorial Day weekend. Both of my kids have chicken pox (!!) although thankfully neither is feeling too sick.

    Yes, they were both vaccinated. Big Sister even had the booster, too. And, no. I didn’t know about breakthrough chicken pox. I thought it was spider bites. Go figure.